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Raichal Bhan

I come from a family of seven – which includes four sisters and a brother. Two sisters are married and sadly my father passed away in March 2005. There was no source of income, so the Suva Bayly Welfare has been generously providing food rations to the family since March 2005.


I was astonished in 2006 when Mr. Michael Chandra, Senior Almoner through Bayly Education helped three more of my family with school requirements. “Since everything is so expensive now-a days and it becomes hard for poor parents to pay for their children’s education, the Bayly Education is really kind to help the less fortunate ones. They paid for my education from 2006 to 2008 (form 5 to form 7)” Raichal said.


“I am now in the final year of Diploma in Primary Education at Fiji National University (formerly known as Lautoka Teachers College). All credit goes to the team of Bayly Education for giving

me the opportunity to complete my secondary schooling. Hence, if they hadn’t helped then I would not be where I am today. I am one of the luckiest children along side many others the Bayly Welfare/Education is helping to accomplish their dreams”.


“Moreover, the work that the Bayly Welfare (Mr. Michael Chandra and the team) is doing is very blessed work because they are able to give children the gift of education which is precious and also enables the children to understand the fact that it is not a burden to be poor because there are institutions there to help the poor. To conclude, they also appreciate children’s school work by organizing Prize Giving day for children who have gained excellence in their studies”.

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Priya Pritika Lal

I, Priya Pritika Lal D/O Amukh Lal and Bijay Wati of Tabucola Tiri, Labasa would like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to the Bayly Welfare/Education who have helped me in every way possible to successfully complete my secondary education. I come from poor family background due to my father having met with a serious accident and my mother being an asthmatic patient and so it was difficult for my parents to provide the educational needs for both myself and my sister. Bayly Welfare Labasa has helped me by providing continuous counselling, guidance and support. I am currently studying in India having been awarded an ICCR scholarship (Indian Council For Cultural Relations) at the University Of Delhi to study for a Bachelor Of Commerce degree.

The Bayly Welfare/Education has helped my family for almost 5 to 6 years. It enables poor students to attend school by providing them with uniforms, school fees, stationery and books. Furthermore Bayly Welfare Labasa paid my college fees at Sangam College) and provided other materials in order for me to attend college. The assistance provided gave me the inspiration to study hard and to successfully complete my education in 2008 to Form 7.

Bayly Welfare Welfare/Education has not only helped in providing for educational needs of their children but also in providing basic food items each month. Even during festivals such as Eid, Diwali, Easter and Christmas,they give us gifts to celebrate like others. In the light of all that has been said, it can be said that I am very fortunate today to be here in India to study B.Com at the University of Delhi and this would not have been possiblewithout the continuing assistance of Bayly Welfare/Education Labasa and the JP Bayly Trust.

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Joti Prakashni Sharma

The Bayly Education Fund, Lautoka has assisted me in my education up to the completion of Form 7 in 2008. They provided me with everything I needed to complete my schooling at Lautoka Muslim College for 6 years from Form 2 to Form 7 with my strongest subjects being Economics, Accounting & Geography. I am so grateful, that I was given this opportunity by the Bayly Education Lautoka, to be able to complete my education as this would not havebeen possible without their generosity and assistance. I have always found it quite upsetting to see financially secure children not completing their education and this made me more determined to make sure that I did finish Form 7. I give thanks to people like Mrs Michael (Almoner – Lautoka) and Radhika (Education Officer – Lautoka) who were with me through ‘thick and thin’. I am quite sure, that I would not have been able to complete my education up to Form 7, without the generous assistance of the Bayly Education Fund.

During my school breaks, I enrolled in computer courses, and obtained a Certificate in Computer Studies in January 2007 and an Advanced Certificate in Computer Studies in January 2008. To earn extra money for myself and the family, I also took on holiday jobs with Peekays, Lautoka (2005) and with Sannus Entertainment, Lautoka in 2006. Coming from a poor family background with a father who was very sickly and unable to work and a mother selling Fiji Times and receiving Social Welfare assistance, this was not enough to make ends meet - especially as there were three children to educate. Through the kind assistance of the Bayly Welfare & Bayly Education Fund in terms of food rations, clothing, linen & beddings, free medication and most importantly the education for my two sisters and I, we have been able to benefit from this.

My eldest sister was assisted till Form 6 and is now married. My younger sister continues to be assisted through the Bayly Education Fund whilst my family also continues to be assisted through the Bayly Welfare, Lautoka. I thank the Bayly Trust for their support and the counseling sessions that we received together with our parents which I believe has made me a stronger and better person today.

I have been working as a Promotional Girl & Casual Merchandiser for MakansDrugs & Pharmaceutical Supplies, Lautoka for the past ten months, having commenced work in September 2008. I am very happy and glad to have a job with which I can now support my family even if the job is only on a casual basis. Being in employment with a renowned company such as Makans Drugs is a privilege.

I do not feel I could have achieved what I have in terms of my education and the job that I have without the kind assistance of the Bayly Trust and I take this opportunity to thank the JP Bayly Trust, Bayly Welfare/Education Lautoka, Mrs Michael (Almoner – Lautoka) and Radhika (Education Officer- Lautoka) and the rest of the staff and volunteers for being there and providing their assistance and time for my family.

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Ravnil Kumar

Ravinal Kumar age 16years, has been supported by Bayly Welfare and Bayly Education. His mother is single parent and found difficulty in providing educational needs for her children. They are a seven member family and all of them are supported by Trust.
The Bayly Welfare department provides daily basic necessities that a small household needs for which they are very grateful and on the other hand, Bayly Education Fund is helping her mother to send the children to school by paying school fees and providing every needs for school.

Ravnil cannot think of a way to ever be able to pay back this organization for the kindness, instead they are trying their best to study hard, make the best use of the given assistance and come out of this poverty line.

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Isoa Tevita

Has been financially supported both by the JP Bayly Trust and by his mother, who is a single parent. He was supported throughout his schooling life from primary school to tertiary by the Bayly family. Having grown up in a loving and caring environment and coming from a poor background, he mentions what it was like to face life’s challenge and hardships. Growing up was not always easy and he thanks the Bayly Welfare/ Bayly Education, which made a little easier through the assistance that he received both for himself and his family through paying for his school fees. “The Bayly Welfare/Education also assisted me with providing school bags, sandals, school stationery and uniform throughout my primary and secondary school years. Furthermore, JP Bayly Trust has been providing for my family with food rations once every month. This food rations includes all the basic necessities that a small household needs”.

He expects to graduate with a Diploma in Business Commerce from the Fiji Institute of Technology at the end of this year. As he looks back, he says that he is extremely grateful to the Bayly Welfare/Education for being so supportive and undestanding towards families like ours and he cannot think of a way to ever repay their kindness. May God continue to bless the Bayly Trust, so that they can continue toprovide for the less fortunate.

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