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Free ears, eyes check excite children

Children were excited to have their eyes and ears examined for free yesterday.
The Project Heaven Trust, in conjunction with the JP  Bayly Trust Suva Welfare Centre, did a free eyes and ears screening at the Bayly Trust building in Suva on 1st February 2014.
Miriama Tivakacia, 12, said it was good to have her eyes checked by doctors without being charged any fees.
“I came here for eye checkup with the doctors here and I feel so excited because I don’t have to pay anything, since it’s free.”
Mosese Vueticake, 9, who was at the clinic for an ear screening thanked Bayly Welfare Suva & Project Heaven for holding such clinics.
“I cannot hear properly at times and that’s why I’m here for checkup because it is free.”
Meanwhile, Project Heaven’s executive director, Dr Kitione Raiwalai, said they were holding the clinic to coincide with the request from the Bayly Trust Accountant/Manager Ms. Sitla Sharma.
“We usually go into schools and communities to hold checkups and screenings on eye and ear impairments.
“So we came to hold a clinic here because we had a request from the Bayly Trust to do eye and ear screening for their Suva Children before they are referred to doctors.”
Dr Raiwalai said the screenings were done before referring the patients to hospitals but if it did not work then patients were later referred to civil society organisatons.

Bayly Welfare Almoner Ms. Manorma Chandra kindly hosted this clinic and arranged for 40 Bayly children to be present to take advantage for this free check up. Another 90 children will have their checkup done in their own locality in the next couple of weeks. 

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When you are facing problems, it is not easy to be alone. I would like to thank the Bayly Welfare Labasa center for the tremendous work that they have being doing in providing welfare, medical and educational needs of the underprivileged people in our society. I Kala Wati am one of those who has being helped by the center since 1999.
My husband was a very hard working man and used to work on nearby farms in order to feed and clothe his family. Later he had surgery to one of his legs and because he was suffering from diabetics the wound would not heel so he was unable to work anymore. I did not know what to do, where to go for help and it was as if everything was coming an end. No one was there to help us as I was also sickly. We had only 1 daughter whom we thought would help us but she got married to a cane cutter and had 4 children of her own to take care of. We could not rely on her and $60.00 from Social Welfare department was not enough for us. We were very fortunate that our home was built by the Red Cross. One day after visiting town my husband told me there is a place that looks after the less fortunate people and that was the Bayly Welfare. I really burst into tears as I knew from deep within my heart that there will always be someone of some organization who will help when during difficult times. My husband passed away in 2004 and until now I am still assisted with food rations, clothes, bedding, etc. Many thanks goes to the Bayly Welfare for caring for people like us and may you continue with your good work to improve the living standards of the poor. Remember service to mankind is service to God. May God Bless you all.
By: Kala WatiVunika Labasa.
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Big Relief for Amar Deo
Amar Deo of Navakasigni in Labasa had a smile on his face when he received a timely gift of a wheel chair from Bayly Welfare Labasa. Due to a birth abnormality and partially crippled he never married and was looked after by his uncle after his parents passed away. He would receive $60.00 a month from the Social Welfare department and a single ration of food from Labasa Welfare centre. His aunt used to cook for him and he used to do all other household chores.
Being in the condition that he was in, he was always a familiar face in our community and often used to move around. When the Almoner visited him, he was lying on the floor and this was due to the fact his leg had  been amputated above the knee, as a result of diabetes, which left him fully immobile and desperately needing a wheel chair. He broke down saying that he never thought that a day would come in his life like today. He thanks the Bayly Welfare Labasa who came forward to assist him as he did not have the funds to buy a wheel chair and without a wheel chair he would have been in bed full-time. He now can sit down and talk with this close family members who look after him. The Bayly Labasa team has being doinggreat work since the centre opened in 1997 and Amar prays that they will continue to serve the beloved people in the community.?
By: Almoner LabasaSatishwar Chand.
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Trust awards excellent sponsored students

It is an annual event for JP Bayly Trust Welfare in Labasa to thank its sponsored students for their excellent academic performance for the year.
Sixteen forms five and six students received prizes and gifts from the trust during a prize giving function last Saturday.
Welfare officer Satishwar Chand said Bayly Education was responsible for the education of 100 students from Class One to Form Seven and two other students at tertiary level at the University of the South Pacific.
“It is an ongoing process every year and we always provide them with something when school finishes,” he said.
“These students either have parents who are sickly, single mums, parents separated or parents who are farmers who cannot support their education.
“We support them by paying their school fees, buying uniforms, school sandals, books and stationery.
The students performed exceptionally well in school, he said.
Mr Chand said Bayly Education only supported students who live within 20 kilometers from Labasa Town.
The students’ parents and relatives were at the function, which had entertainment and food for those present.

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