Preparation for Labasa 2012 Fun Day
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Bayly Education Labasa has received paper folders for this year’s year-end prize giving ceremony to honour the hard work and effort put into studies by the less fortunate children registered at Bayly Education Labasa.

Bank of South Pacific Labasa branch has supported Bayly Education Labasa in other projects on previous occasions and now they’ve generously donated these paper folders.

Our Centre is working to their best of ability to educate the needy children so that they become a better citizen of our nation. This year 103 children in Labasa have been assisted with all school requirements and number will increase as we go along.

The timely donation will encourage the children to work hard because it is unique and something different from what they used to receive. We really appreciate the marvelous work done by the BSP Labasa branch to improve the livelihood of our community. We look forward for continued support and wish to thank them for their generous donation.