New Accountant/Manager for Bayly Trust
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Sitla Sharma

Accountant/Manager for JP Bayly Trust

Ms. Sitla Sharma joined the JP Bayly Trust as Accountant/Manager in November 2012 to replace Mr. Nilkant Lal who has resigned and migrated to the United States of America.  She holds a Bachelors Degree in Accounting from Fiji National University, and has vast experience in Accounting, Office Administration, and Property Management.

Ms. Sharma has 14 years of varied private sector experience and the JP Bayly Trust Board is pleased to have acquired her services with expectations that she will provide some valuable input to boost and further drive the Trust’s mission to another level.

The J.P. Bayly Trust is confident that her innovative ideas will ensure that any challenges faced by the Trust in terms of management and administration will be  addressed with a professional approach. With the many challenges facing the Trust in fulfilling its prime responsibility of the Trust created by the late Mr. John Percy Bayly  over 59 years ago, the Trust is looking forward to her contribution to the objectives of serving the poor and the needy.

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