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JP Bayly Trust (JPBT), a renowned charitable trust in Fiji which was established by the late Mr. JP Bayly in 1954 provides for the welfare of the less fortunate and needy with their basic yet essential medical, food and clothing and education support to Fijian families and their children.

The Trust has medical and dental clinics operated by registered practitioners and provides free medical and dental consultations as well as medication to just over 400 families who are permanently registered with each centre.

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Success Stories

A Lesson in Value: Inspiring Change in Young Minds

On Tuesday 16th January, 2024, an opportunity presented itself for me to connect with the parents and children on a deeper level. During our welfare and visiting days, we usually have counselling sessions with Jessica from Empower Pacific. However, this Tuesday was different. Jessica was unable to attend due to medical reasons. Despite this setback, we had a remarkable turnout... Read More

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JP Bayly Trust and FRIEND Join Forces for Community Development

JP Bayly Trust signed a MoU with FRIEND outlining a framework for cooperation and collaboration to leverage respective strengths, expertise and resources.

Loloma Foundation “From the heart”

Partnership with Loloma Foundation has given JP Bayly Trust an insight into the types of health issues in the region particularly the Solomons and Fiji and how to pool volunteer

Collaborative Partnership: JP Bayly Trust and Empower Pacific Sign MOU

Two of Fiji’s leading charities, the JP Bayly Trust and Empower Pacific have signed a MOU to further strengthen the relationship between the two charities.