What We Do

JP Bayly Trust (JPBT), a renowned charitable trust in Fiji which was established by the late Mr. JP Bayly in 1954 provides for the welfare of the less fortunate and needy with their basic yet essential medical, food and clothing and education support to Fijian families and their children.

The Trust has medical and dental clinics operated by registered practitioners and provides free medical and dental consultations as well as medication to just over 400 families who are permanently registered with each centre. Their education centres are in three divisions, Suva, Lautoka and Labasa so that they can reach children across the country.

The welfare centre gives out monthly food packs, footwear, bedding and clothes throughout the year to the less fortunate families.
In addition, there are several temporary cases with each centre who also receive similar assistance.

A total of 1000 needy households receive support each year, and the activities are funded by the Bayly Trust with the assistance of donations from individuals and business houses.

Support for tertiary education

Arthur Jennings, a former resident of Fiji and now living in new Zealand, donated $100,000.00 towards the education of needy children to the Bayly Trust in 2017. 

The Trust decided to utilize this to assist children registered with the Centers I Labasa and Lautoka and up to 2020 a total of 11 students have been granted scholarships to pursue Degree, Diploma and Certificate courses from tertiary institutions and is named the Arthur Jennings Scholarship Fund.

The Trust would like to express its sincere appreciation to Mr. Jennings and his family for the donation. A report of the status of the fund is sent to Mr. Jennings each quarter. 

The JP Bayly Trust has been given a grant of $194,706.00 in 2019 by the Jaycees Trust towards assisting less fortunate students who have a desire to pursue higher studies after completing year thirteen of schooling. This will be for Certificate, Diploma or Degree levels.

The Jaycees Trust had decided to grant 50% of its balance of funds to the Bayly Trust and the other half to another organization. 

It has been named the Jaycees Scholarship Fund and the Bayly Trust has the discretion to use it to benefit students in the Central, Western and Northern divisions.

In order to maintain a longer sustainability of the fund, students will be required to repay 60% of the grant awarded to them after successfully completing their studies and getting employed. They will repay a percentage of their salary over a period of time.

The Trust wishes to express its very sincere appreciation to the Jaycees Trust for this generous grant.