Fiji Water Foundation

Education Support

The Fiji Water Foundation generously gave a grant of $37,500 to the JP Bayly Trust in April 2009.

The grant was to provide educational assistance to the less fortunate children registered in the Bayly Education Programme. Assistance includes fees, uniforms, text and exercise books, stationery, shoes and bags etc, for students from Year 1 (Class 1) up to Year 13 (Form 7).

The recent price increases in basic food items due to the flooding in January and more recently the devaluation has led to more and more families falling below the poverty line. These families face financial difficulties and their children are deprived of an education either totally or partially, even thought they may have the potential to excel at school.

As a result, unemployment continues to increase with a corresponding increase in crime within the community. A good education will help the children in getting jobs thus assisting their families. The Trustees recognise that Education is a key factor in breaking the poverty cycle.

We wish to once again thank Fiji Water Foundation for the generous grant provided to assist the JP Bayly Trust tackle poverty.