Bayly Trust Newsletter – April 2022

Published: 01st Apr 2022

Pranils Dream Comes True
Now 25 years old and the youngest of the three brothers, Pranil Chand lost his father in 1997 when he was just
eight months old. His mum became a single parent and sought assistance from the Bayly Trust in Lautoka.

Staying motivated and focused
Rupeni Ragia Mudunavuku Iii, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and Geography on 22nd April 2021. Due to COVID-19 Rupeni faced a new experience having his graduation by Drive Thru. In spite of financial
difficulties his proud grandmother took out a loan to hire a rental car for this special occasion.

So glad to be a teacher
Ever since my dad passed away in 2015, we have been receiving help from the Bayly Welfare in Suva. It really
meant a lot to me and my family since my mother was a sole breadwinner of the family.

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