Bayly Trust Newsletter – September 2019


Attending the recent National Poverty Forum helped me learn and understand how much is done in our Fiji Islands to reduce poverty and how much more is needed to be done. Representatives from different Government departments in attendance at the Forum...Read More

Bayly Trust Newsletter – June 2019


Manager Central division Manorma Chandra has been awarded a Certificate of Appreciation and a cash gift of $250.00 by the JP Bayly Trust in recognition of her 30 years of service to the Suva Welfare and Educational Center....Read More

Bayly Trust Newsletter – March 2019


The JP Bayly Trust has reimbursed a total of $4,440.00 which was spent by Rovina Devi to put her daughter Aanchal Payal Kumar into the Fiji National University (FNU) to complete her tertiary studies and who graduated with a certificate in Culinary Ar...Read More

Bayly Trust Newsletter – April 2018


I was privileged to get the opportunity to attend a public seminar organized by Leadership Fiji at the Grand pacific Hotel in Suva recently, where a panel of speakers from the Ministry of Women, Fiji Women’s Crisis Center, Fiji Women’s Rights Mov...Read More

Bayly Trust Newsletter – January 2018


Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” Bula! Bayly Welfare and Education Center ensures the availability of such an essential passport for those children of families with difficulties and o...Read More