A Little Extra goes a long way

The Bayly Education Suva took advantage of the first term school holidays by providing counselling to the children on its register.  The children openly discussed their problems and difficulties with the Education Officer, Manorma Chandra, lightening the discussions with a little light hearted humour and the Senior Almoner, Michael Chandra, providing some reassurance.  Some of the exam results were excellent whilst others were below average. We can not scold the children for not having performed well academically, but rather to encourage them to give it their best. A common saying “All fingers on our hands aren’t the same size”, likewise everyone can not become doctors, lawyers and other professionals.  Not all children have the same ability to perform to our expectations.

Sometimes we  are a little lost when we see  the children’s  school results  or  the condition of theirs school sandals when they come to ask for  a  second pair, but  we always remind ourselves of the miles they have to walk to school  whether it is raining, or the sun is hot . Nevertheless,  we tell them again and again to take care of their belongings  and to remember that items lost or damaged are difficult to replace and the motto of the Education officer is to try  their best not to send a child  away  empty handed.

With a smile on our face and love in our hearts we can win the small hearts of our dear children and remind them that a sound education is the foundation for their future.

By: Manorma Chandra