A Proud Gentleman

In 2019, Eparama Vuinekelo was in Year 10. Sadly, he ran across some issues in school and stopped being interested in returning. All doors were closed for his ailing mother as she tried to have him accepted into multiple colleges. Two years wasted at home. Then we had the idea to enrol him in MONTFORT BOYS TOWN.

At the close of the 2021 school year, Eparama and his mother got an excited set of details from the school. The JP Bayly Welfare Suva enrolled him in a two-year National Certificate in Carpentry course.

Proud Eparama is currently looking for work after graduating successfully in December 2023. He says with confidence that he would never look back at his past and expressed his gratitude and appreciation for the help that JP Bayly Trust has given him. Once he secures a stable permanent job, he pledges to take care of his mother.

By: Mrs Manorma Chandra
Manager Bayly Welfare Suva