Service to Mankind

Many times life does not turn out to be what we initially hope and thrive for in our earlier years- then due to wrong choices made in life and various other factors, families find themselves in hopeless and vulnerable situations. Statistics in the country have also shown that more than 90% of Fiji lives below the poverty line.

The term ‘capacity building’ today seems to be the way forward for people in these situations. We must empower children with positive discipline and proper education. Education is the only way out of poverty. Education in school can not be fully effective unless the education in the home is fully exhausted.

Thus the role of parents has always been important. I personally express my deepest gratitude to the Bayly Trust for their unfailing support in ensuring families like mine are provided the education, medical assistance and welfare benefits needed to raise our children to be great Fiji citizens of tomorrow.

Through the enlightenment we receive from Mrs Michael and her team, we learn to constantly re-look at ourselves and tap into skills we could use to survive. Thus the simple life of gardening and appreciating things around us is our focus. Proper time management is taught to ensure that we be all resilient to the challenges that face us.

To Mrs Michael and her team (mainly who are volunteers) thank you so much for all the good works you are doing. God bless the JP Bayly Trust of Fiji.

Source: City Star – November 15, 2011