Shining Medals for Labasa children

It was a so beautiful Saturday 4th December 2010, for parents and students dressed in different attires gathered for the annual Prize Giving Ceremony hosted by Labasa Bayly Welfare/Education to recognize the hard work of the children at school. This was also a get together and a pre-Christmas celebration for the Bayly family’s.

There were different categories of prizes and prizes for 1st place were awarded to Zorisha Sharon Nisha, Shalveena Devi and Rukshad Nisha Ali. 2nd places recipients were Shagufta Nikhat Ali, Safrina Ali, Shayal Prasad, Sonal Shalvin Prasad and Ronil Chand and for 3rd place Sonia Shrita Chand, Sania Sheetal Chand, Shareen Sharishma Chand, Roslyn Ashika Nand, Manisha Prasad and Shivangini Singh.

Gold medals were awarded to first place, Silver for second and Bronze for third places. Form 7 outgoing students received BSP bags and the ‘Bayly Prize’ was awarded to Ronil Chand a Form 6 student of Tabia College for scoring 401 marks out of 500.

The chief guest, Mrs. Helan Jaduram congratulated the achievers for their hard work and hoped they would continue with their hard work. She said ‘Bayly Welfare/Education is not only providing food rations and education but also preparing the future leaders for tomorrow’. The hard work makes you, your family members and the Bayly family proud. She advised students to continue to work hard and work towards achieving their dreams.

Members of the Fiji Police Force were also present and gave useful tips as how to spend the holidays and be a good citizen. They also requested parents to keep an eye on their children. Special thanks was given to the Board of JP Bayly Trust who has being fully funding Labasa Welfare/Education Centre since it opened its doors in 1997. The dedicated staff, with the assistance of the Labasa Committee made it possible for another successful year. Labasa Bayly Education thanks one and all for whatever contributions they made towards the annual prize giving success.

A big vinaka vakalevu, dhanevaad and thank you to all. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.