Success Stories

Reaching for the Stars


Someone once truly said that when people are in need, when they are facing a very challenging time in life, and when help seems to be coming from no where then God sends Angels to help and bring happiness to those people in need. This was the cas...Read More

No Different


All students desire to be educated and have a brighter future, but for some it is just a dream due to the unfortunate circumstances that they live in which is largely driven by poverty. The Bayly Education programme assists these children by providi...Read More

Dream House Comes True


Ms Manorma Devi is a woman who never lost hope and would knock on the doors of others to ask for support. A widow from Sarava, Labasa she thanks all those who have assisted her. She spent 16 years in her thatched house that stood the test of time but...Read More

Icing on the Cake


It was a beautiful sunny morning on Saturday 11th December 2010.  I could see the children in their best outfits with their parents, guardians and friends coming towards the hall.  They did not care about the sweat running down from the...Read More

Shining Medals for Labasa children


It was a so beautiful Saturday 4th December 2010, for parents and students dressed in different attires gathered for the annual Prize Giving Ceremony hosted by Labasa Bayly Welfare/Education to recognize the hard work of the children at s...Read More